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Frequently Asked Questions:

All Deposits Are Non Refundable and go towards service provided.

How many sessions of a procedure will be needed?

-Depends on what YOUR goals are. Typically 6-8 sessions.

Will the fat that is destroyed during Laser Lipo & Cavitation return?
-The fat that is destroyed is permanently shrunken and or liquified, however, it is possible to add more fat if a healthy meal plan and exercise routine is not implemented.

What is the advantage of non-invasive procedures vs traditional surgical lipo?
No downtown
No risk of infection
No side effects

Who is not eligible for treatments?
-Depending on the service provided, the following may interfere:
Menstrual Cycle
Skin infections & disease
Thyroid disease or other hormonal disorders
Any chronic diseases
Allergen to applied materials
High blood pressure
Pregnant/Breast feeding
Liver/Kidney disease
Under 18

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